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kdgc.net, powered by ShopforT1's GeoQuote technology, regards your privacy as the first step in building a long term relationship of trust and loyalty. Our GeoQuote(tm) technology enables you to query the databases of over a dozen nationwide and regional T1 service providers in real-time. In order to perform this calculation for you, we require a nominal amount of personal data.

What happens to my information once I submit it to GeoQuote?
Just seconds after you submit your information, GeoQuote goes to work. A page of qualifying T1 service providers (without the names of the providers) will appear, with links to obtain detailed information about the plans you are viewing. After your price quote is obtained, GeoQuote stores the data you entered in our ulta-secure database. No third party can access our database so you can rest assured that you will not receive annoying phone calls or emails from multiple providers after entering your information here!
At the end of the process, your information is securely assigned to a member of our in-house consulting staff. That consultant will attempt to contact you via your preferred contact method in order to discuss your situation and find the right product at the right price. Helping you get a great rate on a T1 line is our first priority and you can rest assured that our team of trained and experienced consultants will give you the unbiased research you deserve.


KDG Consulting provides its customers with a wide variety of telecommunication products. From Ethernet cabling to telecom hardware, KDG consulting is there to assist you with whatever you may need. Click below to learn more or call us for a free consultation.

When it come to telecom services, KDG Consulting is at the forefront of its field. We offer a wide range of telecommunication services for your business or your home. Learn more about our services and offerings, and discover the possibilities availble for your company.

With KDG Consulting finding the right partner for all your telecommunication needs is as easy as taking the firt step through our automated quote system. We work with all major telecom partners to find the right solution for you.


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